In accordance with Section 17 of Paiute's FERC Gas Tariff, Paiute posts its available capacity at receipt points, on the mainline and at delivery points. Capacity that is available for purchase from shippers in accordance with the capacity release procedures contained in Section 14 of Paiute's General Terms and Conditions is posted separately in the notice section of this website.


The unsubscribed capacity described below is posted for sale by Paiute in accordance with the terms and conditions of Paiute's FERC Gas Tariff. Bids for the capacity must comply with the procedures set forth in Section 16 of the General Terms and Conditions of Paiute's tariff. In order to submit a bid, a bidder must use the Bid Form to Acquire Firm Capacity set forth at Section 25.2 (Sheet 217) of the General Terms and Conditions of Paiute's tariff. Bidders may submit bids up to the maximum tariff rate for Rate Schedule FT-1 capacity, but Paiute reserves the right to reject any bids that are less than the maximum tariff rate. Bidders may submit a completed bid form by electronic mail to mark.litwin@swgas.com, or by fax to (702) 873-3820. The bids will then be posted to Paiute's website without identifying the names of the bidders.


Please contact Mark Litwin (702-364-3195) if you have any questions.


  • Unsubscribed Capacity available for purchase from Paiute

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